Bank Quest

How It Works

1) Join Now
In order to start earning, you have to get an account.

It's fast, free, DOES NOT require a credit card, or any obligation.

How can you earn? Read how to earn next!

2) Earn Points
After sign up member’s earn points known as Bank Bucks™

You can earn points for 15+ activities, including searching Google™, watching Youtube™ videos, playing games, connecting with friends, referring friends, shopping, using coupons and a lot more.

3) Get Rewards
Once you build up your assets (points) you can easily redeem them at anytime.

Choose to redeem your points for Cash, Personal Checks, All-Inclusive Vacations, Items from Major Retailers (Amazon, Walmart, etc), Donate to 1’000′s of Charities, or even Donate to Your Church, or any other Non-Profit Organization!