About the Company

In 2013, Tyler Abernethy and Alexander Boduch started working on Bank Quest. Initially, the goal was to create a game. That’s it! After more brainstorming, the big idea came into play: a game that pays it’s players. Better yet, a game where every players’ goal is to make the community more money. The idea is to make a game out of doing good, natural online marketing, and building a community throughout the process. By earning achievements and leveling up, you will qualify for a higher portion of the vault. As a user, you can choose when they want to get paid, and how they want to receive their money. And all you need to do in order to begin is create an account! Boom. That’s it! BankQuest began testing in July of 2013 and was officially launched August 1st, 2013.

About the Founders


Tyler Abernethy also grew up in South Carolina. He has always had an end for creative and innovative thinking. Tyler’s first business venture was to sell his ability to market companies. In late 2011 his father was laid off from his job, and Tyler urged them into business. They founded the company Ontrac Parts, which was a distributor of heavy equipment parts. Later Tyler went on to join another company called Uncommon Thread, where they sold wholesale sewing and quilting supplies online. Tyler is currently the founder and co-owner of BankQuest along with Alexander Boduch. He is also the CMO.


Alexander Boduch was born and raised in South Carolina. He always had a talent for science and technology while growing up. In August of 2010 he started his new journey to earn a degree at USC. There he studied both pure mathematics as well as applied statistics. It wasn’t long before he fell in love with computer science as well as the art of programming. Alexander is currently the founder and co-owner of BankQuest along with Tyler Abernethy. He is also the COO.